Dealing with Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction

Most people that have not experienced drug addiction may conclude its just a matter of choice, but hold on some just started as a way of relaxing and with time they couldn’t do without the drug. In most cases, Cornerstone Rehab concludes that drug addiction is not just for marijuana and other such substances.

Drug and alcohol addiction occurs when an individual is dependent on alcohol or another substance to function normally.Alcohol is the largest addiction especially among the youth due to unhealthy drinking habits .Alcohol addiction is in manifestation when an individual starts having a strong craving for alcohol leading to alcohol dependency.

What causes alcohol abuse?

causes of alcohol abuseMost people start taking alcohol due to peer pressure, as a substitute for bad relationships, low -self -esteem, escape from day to day stress or as a way of dealing with guilt.Statistics shows alcohol problems are highest among young adults aged 18-29, leading to high involvement in alcohol-related violence We are yet to know the exact cause of alcoholism, but our social lives play a big role.

Most people don’t realize that they have a drug and alcohol addiction until it’s too late. Some of the causes of alcohol addiction are; Not being able to quit or control their intake of alcohol. Feeling of withdrawal when not under the influence of alcohol. Having difficulty in stopping or reducing the amount of intake. Being in denial about your drinking habits. A constant need to take alcohol to feel better. Drinking at inappropriate hours.

Drug and alcohol addiction has both physical and mental effects on the individual The physical effects include; Poor coordination. Blurred speech. Dizziness. Poor vision. Mental Poor and rushed decision- making Very poor concentration levels. Intense emotions including anger ,fear, anxiety. Poor or no memory of events. Hallucinations. Violence.

How can one prevent drug and alcohol addiction’? Through prevention and outreach by teaching the youth how to say no alcohol and make sure the youth can’t access alcohol the homes. Learning to deal with emotional and social stress without having to get to drugs for consolation The state also needs to reinforce age 18 as the minimum drinking age.

It’s important to seek help immediately when one discovers that they have a drug and alcohol addiction. We have Councillors available, spiritual leaders, Doctors, Alcoholics support groups or join an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation center .Taking the first step important to recovery but we also need to understand that this is a continuous process and needs time to get over the habit.

Alcohol is part of many people’s lives and may have a place in our social lives. It’s however important for us to be cautious and make sure that we moderate our drinking for us to stay healthy and avoid the issues that are brought about by excessive drinking.


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Signs of Alcohol Addiction That We Need To Know

Alcoholism is a terrible yet common problem. It can strike any gender and social class. It involves a physical dependence on alcohol that can ruin a life when it gets out of control. When a person relies on alcohol to function on an everyday basis or is compelled to drink, they are considered an alcoholic. There are many signs of alcohol addiction and it is important to identify when treatment is necessary.

The first signs of an alcohol addiction is tolerance. Tolerance is defined as the need to drink more than in the past in order to get a buzz or the feeling of relaxation. Another warning sign of alcohol addiction is withdrawal says My Cornerstone Rehab. Many people with this addiction experience physical shaking until they get a morning drink.

This occurs when the body is used to the presence of alcohol in the system and suffers symptoms of withdrawal when taken away. Common withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, headache, nausea, fatigue, depression, irritability, anxiety, and trembling. In bad cases, withdrawal symptoms may involve confusion, seizures, and hallucinations.

There are other signs of alcohol addiction that a person must recognize before they can get help. A person has lost control over drinking when they drink more than intended and for a longer time, even though they did not mean to Also, a person may wish to stop drinking but cannot. Sometimes, an alcoholic will give up their favorite activities due to drinking because it takes up most of their time and focus.

This includes the hangovers that happen after wild drinking binges as well It may become so bad that a person will not take part in any activity that does not include alcohol. A sign of an alcoholic also includes continual drinking even when it is at the root of problems. For instance, when a person knows that drinking is doing damage to a marriage or other personal relationship, worsens depression, or damages health, they still continue to do it.

When a person is an alcoholic, they are often in denial about the problem. They find ways to rationalize what they are doing, despite negative consequences. Denial includes not coming to terms with the amount of alcohol that a person drinks, blaming the drinking on other people, and underestimating the negative results of alcoholism. They may also go to extreme lengths to hide the problem or cover up exactly how much they are drinking.

Drinkers with alcoholism tend to believe that they can stop at any time The truth is that drinkers will only stop drinking when they have a real desire to stop. Drinkers often forget that the problems affect all family and friends associated with them. It is essential to realize that drinking is a real problem and can have as bad of an effect as serious drug abuse.

Alcoholism may develop suddenly after a stressful situation or can creep up slowly as tolerance increases. After alcohol addiction has been identified, steps must be taken to get to the heart of the problem. No matter if it stems from genetics, mental health problems, or social environment, alcoholism can be treated. Many rehab clinics and programs are available to help an alcoholic return to a better way of life.

It can be a difficult struggle, but definitely worth every minute to get their life back on track. There are massive benefits associated with alcohol recovery. First off, people might be asking, How Does Drug Rehab Work? There are tightly knit communities of those in the same boat that can be of assistance in many ways. Then there are the opportunities that open up that were often conceived as lost by those afflicted with alcohol addiction. All cases are different though it is most common for those that have gotten into recovery to say their life had improved so much, they could never have imagined this